December 2018: publication of "Obsessional Desire in Seminar V: The Exploits of Tantalus", in Studying Lacan's Seminars IV an V. From Lack to Desire, in C. Owens and N. Almqvist (London: Routledge)

27 Novembre 2018: The Not-Two: Logic and God in Lacan, recensione di Gioele P. Cima (in Psychiatry on line)

26-30 November 2018: public course, "Exalted Obscenity, Corporeal Radioscopy, and the Evocation of Jouissance: Lacan on the Baroque", Freud's Dream Museum, Saint Petersburg

10 November 2018: keynote lecture, "Anthropie: The Human Animal between Entropy and Knowledge", Anthroposcreams international conference, HEAD School of Art and Design, Geneva, Switzerland

4 November 2018: one-day intensive course, "What Is a Discourse? Knowledge, Entropy, and Life in Lacan", Freud Museum London

October 2018: publication of Giorgio Agamben, What is Real? (Stanford University Press)

October 2018: publication of "Author, Subject, Structure: Lacan Contra Foucault", in N. Bou Ali and R. Goel (eds.), Lacan Contra Foucault (London: Bloomsbury)

30 September 2018: one-day intensive course, "Lacan, Foucault, Deleuze: The Gaze and the Baroque", Freud Museum London

September 2018: review of The Not-Two: Logic and God in Lacan by Valeria Levchuk (in Stasis, 6.1)

July 2018: publication of "Obsession: The Desire of Tantalus", in Vestigia, volume 2, number 1

June 2018: publication of Paolo Virno, An Essay on Negation. For a Linguistic Anthropology (Calcutta-London-New York: Seagull Books)