NEWS 2023-2024


- November 2023: organisation (with Tadej Troha) of international conference To Be Continued?... Philosophy and Psychoanalysis Today (I), co-funded by ZRC SAZU Institute of Philosophy and Newcastle University. Videos here. Audio of my talk here.

November 2023: publication of book chapter "Supreme Being-in-Evil, Criminal Good, Criminal Desire. Lacan after Antigone, after Sade, after Kant", in C. Owens (ed.), Studying Seminar VII (Routledge)

- November 2023: interview given to Radio Student

- October 2023: interview given to The Vanishing Mediators

- September 2023: publication of article "Freud's Agnosticism?", in Problemi 5-6, 2023

- April 2023: Mohamed Tal's lecture at the Faculty Research Group in Critical Theory and Practice, Newcastle University, "Neurosis: The Perversion of Perversion"


news 2022-2023

- Forthcoming titles in the Insubordinations series (MIT Press) in 2024-2025 include Giancarlo De Carlo's Architecture of Participation (edited by Luisa Lorenza Corna), Davide Tarizzo's The Morals of Life: Biology, Biopolitics, Bioethics, and Carla Lonzi's Let's Spit on Hegel. The Clitoridean and the Vaginal Woman (translated by Jasmine Curcio)

- April 2023: lectures in Naples (Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici; in dialogue with Roberto Esposito and Davide Tarizzo) and Salerno (University of Salerno) on The Not-Two and God Is Undead

- Roggero's Italian Operaismo in e-flux Journal 

- March 2023: publication of Gigi Roggero's Italian Operaismo. Genealogy, History, Method  (Insubordinations series, MIT Press)

- 9 February 2023: lecture "Not to End with the End of the End of Religion", Edinburgh University Philosophy Society, Scotland

- 20 January 2023: keynote lecture, "Discourse before Politics", international conference "Crisis and Utopia: Psychoanalysis and Politics", Sodertorn University / Swedish Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), Stockholm, Sweden

- December 2022: Holden Rasmussen's review of Fachinelli, On Freud, in European Journal of Psychoanalysis

- 25-26 August: lecture "Discourse before Politics", international conference "Rethinking Institutions", ZRC Institute of Philosophy, Ljubljana, Slovenia

- September 2022: publication of Paolo Virno, The Idea of World (translated by Lorenzo Chiesa, Seagull Books / University of Chicago Press)

- August 2022: publication of Elvio Fachinelli, On Freud (preface by G. P. Cima) (Insubordinations series, MIT Press)

- July 2022: review of Elvio Fachinelli, The Still Arrow, in Choice

- 11 June 2022: interview given to Machinic Unconscious, "The God Hypothesis"

- March 2022: publication of German translation of Subjectivity and Otherness (translated by J. Ph. Weise and M. Herrmann)

- March 2022: publication of Turkish translation of Subjectivity and Otherness

- 26 February 2022: keynote lecture, "Lacan's Short History of Art", L'art et son rapport a' l'inconscient international conference, Moscow, Russia

- 9 February 2022, Frank Ruda, "The Immanence of Obscurity", Guest Speakers Lecture Series, Faculty Research Group in Critical Theory, Newcastle University (launch of new FRG)

- December 2021: publication of Elvio Fachinelli, The Still Arrow (translated by Lorenzo Chiesa, Seagull Books / University of Chicago Press)




8 December 2019: one-day intensive course, "Freud's The Future of an Illusion: A New Reading", Freud Museum London

September 2019: new appointment: Lecturer in Philosophy, Department of Philosophical Studies, Newcastle University

New book / nuovo libro Contro il discorso della libertà' (Orthotes); editoriale "Liberta', umanismo, fine della storia"; recensione di Bruno Moroncini, "L'umanesimo mostruoso"

26-27 August 2019: keynote lecture, "Hegel: The Most Sublime of Hysterics?", Jornadas Internacionales sobre Idealismo Aleman y Teoria Critica, Grupo Polemos, Universidad de San Marcos, Lima, Peru [cancelled]

30 June 2019: one-day intensive course, "Lacan on Feminine Enjoyment", Freud Museum London

21 June 2019: keynote lecture, "Proletkult or Cultural Revolution? Lenin contra Bogdanov", Proletkult and the Languages of Modernity international conference, School of Advanced Study, University of London [postponed]

19 May 2019: one-day intensive course, "Lacan and Kafka: Knowledge, Enjoyment, and the Big Other", Freud Museum London

Aprile 2019: intervista di Gioele P. Cima, "Liberta', umanismo, fine della storia"

19 April 2019: public lecture, "Anthropie: The Human Animal between Discourse, Entropy, and Knowledge", European University at St Petersburg

15-19 April 2019: public course, "The Gaze and the Baroque", Freud's Dream Museum, St Petersburg

April 2019: publication of "Notes on Revolution and the Southern Question: Gramsci with Lenin", in Stasis, Vol. 6, no. 2

April 2019: publication of "The Trojan Castle: Lacan and Kafka on Knowledge, Enjoyment, and the Big Other", in Crisis and Critique, volume 6, issue 1

7 April 2019: one-day intensive course, "Lacan, Biology, and Sex", Freud Museum London

6-8 March 2019: workshop, "The Unfuckable Partner: Reading Seminar XIX", AStA, Goethe University, Frankfurt

6 March 2019: lecture, "Anthropie: The Human Animal between Discourse, Entropy, and Knowledge", AStA, Goethe University, Frankfurt

3 March 2019: one-day intensive course, "Lacan on Feminine Enjoyment", Freud Museum London

February 2019: publication of the Turkish translation of The Not-Two (Sola Publishers)

February 2019: pubblicazione di "Il castello troiano: sapere, godimento e grande Altro in Lacan e Kafka" su European Journal of Psychoanalysis

23 January 2019: lecture, "Anthropie: The Human Animal between Discourse, Entropy, and Knowledge", philosophy speaker series, University of Dundee

13 January 2019: one-day intensive course, "Lacan, Deleuze, and the Baroque", Freud Museum London




December 2018: publication of "Obsessional Desire in Seminar V: The Exploits of Tantalus", in Studying Lacan's Seminars IV an V. From Lack to Desire, in C. Owens and N. Almqvist (London: Routledge)

27 Novembre 2018: The Not-Two: Logic and God in Lacan, recensione di Gioele P. Cima (in Psychiatry on line)

26-30 November 2018: public course, "Exalted Obscenity, Corporeal Radioscopy, and the Evocation of Jouissance: Lacan on the Baroque", Freud's Dream Museum, Saint Petersburg

10 November 2018: keynote lecture, "Anthropie: The Human Animal between Entropy and Knowledge", Anthroposcreams international conference, HEAD School of Art and Design, Geneva, Switzerland

4 November 2018: one-day intensive course, "What Is a Discourse? Knowledge, Entropy, and Life in Lacan", Freud Museum London

October 2018: publication of Giorgio Agamben, What is Real? (Stanford University Press)

October 2018: publication of "Author, Subject, Structure: Lacan Contra Foucault", in N. Bou Ali and R. Goel (eds.), Lacan Contra Foucault (London: Bloomsbury)

30 September 2018: one-day intensive course, "Lacan, Foucault, Deleuze: The Gaze and the Baroque", Freud Museum London

September 2018: review of The Not-Two: Logic and God in Lacan by Valeria Levchuk (in Stasis, 6.1)

July 2018: publication of "Obsession: The Desire of Tantalus", in Vestigia, volume 2, number 1

June 2018: publication of Paolo Virno, An Essay on Negation. For a Linguistic Anthropology (Calcutta-London-New York: Seagull Books)